Respected Members,

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and privilege for me to welcome all the participants in Two days National Conference-2023 to be held on 16th & 17th of December, 2023. This Conference is being organized by CPE Committee of ICAI and hosted by Lucknow Branch of CIRC of ICAI.

Theme of the National Conference is “संवर्धनम् – हमारा संकल्प विकसित भारत”

Chartered Accountants not only deal with debit-credit of the accounts but they play a very important role in nation-building. CAs are foundation of the economy and utilizing the financial expertise, the nation gets right direction in various financial and economy related measures to enhance the decaying Indian economy and enhance the economy along with industrial growth. Chartered Accountants being soldier of the Country can accelerate growth of the country and by 2047 India will be the most developed Country in the world. It was well said by our Hon. Past President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that Chartered Accountants are partners in the nation building.

For a knowledge based profession like ours, the importance of constant learning and knowledge updation is immense. One of the great philosopher, preacher and an economist Kautilya said, “A learned man is honored by the people. A learned man commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is honored everywhere.” These words summarizes the importance of constant learning for everyone and being a member of this knowledge based noble profession, it is perquisite that we keep on learning to provide excellent services to all the stakeholders. Perhaps with this perspective, Sir Winston Churchill said, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind…” With the dynamic changes on the economic and regulatory front success mantra would be Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.

National Conference is one of the biggest and flagship event of ICAl, which is widely awaited not just by the members of that region but also by the other regions as well. I am pleased to host this national conference at Lucknow on 16th & 17th December 2023 in the city of “Nawabs”, Lucknow. The Conference is designed to equip the members with necessary skills and expertise for excelling in their profession. Members should gear up for the new legislations and these educative Conferences would help them to gain emerging knowledge. We have tried our best in selecting our Topics such as Complexity & Intricacies in GST Law and its solutions, Practical Aspects of Appellate Proceedings in GST Law, New Reassessment Regime u/s 148 of Income Tax Act, Recent Pronouncement in Income Tax Act, Digital Personal Data Protection Act and its Implications for Chartered Accountants and Emerging Area of Practice in CA Profession, wherein excellent opportunities and varied challenges are posed for the professionals with the knowledgeable and experienced faculty to deliberate upon these topics, I am sure that the sessions will be energetic and full of meaning.

I am thankful to CA. Aniket S. Talati Hon. President of ICAI , CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal Hon. Vice-President of ICAI, CA.Purushottamlal H. Khandelwal – Chairman, Continuing Professional Education Committee, CA Gyan Chandra Mishra – Vice Chairman, Continuing Professional Education Committee, CA. Kishore Hemraj Bardia – Chairman of CIRC and the entire Managing Committee of CIRC for giving us this wonderful opportunity to host this Two days National Conference.

I am also thankful to our Ld. Speakers Adv.(CA) J. K. Mittal, CA Kamal Garg, CA. Jatin Harjai, Adv.(Dr.) Rakesh Gupta, CA. Nitin Kanwar, CA. Raghvendra Goel & Adv.(CA) Devendra H. Jain who have consented to deliver upon the respective Topics despite their busy schedule. I would also like to extend my thanks to the entire Committee of Lucknow Branch for their constant efforts for taking this Noble Profession to greater heights.

Let us all pledge to keep the glory of this esteemed profession and best wishes for great success and a memorable event of CIRC of ICAI.

On that note, I wish the conference a resounding success.

Jain Hind! Jai Bharat!

With warm professional regards
CA. Santosh Mishra
Lucknow Branch of CIRC of ICAI





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